The Curriculum

The life blood of a school runs through the veins and arteries of its curriculum. We follow the curriculum, as per the scheme of studies laid down by the C.B.S.E., at different levels, with our own supplements which are complimentary. Our curriculum gives a wide exposure to academic as well as non-academic activities, thereby helping a child achieve high academic and social standards.

Nursery, Lower Kindergarten, Upper Kindergarten
At this stage, a child absorbs like a sponge. The language, motor and absorption skills are developed through fun and play-way method of learning.
Primary Level
As children reach this stage, emphasis is placed on developing concentration and coordination through reinforcement. Importance is given in developing reading, writing and calculation skills. The classroom teaching and learning is supplemented by outside play activities so as to develop an analytical mind in each child.
Middle Level
This is the level of concepts learning. The children become more aware of ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘when’ they learn. Therefore classroom teaching is strengthened and supported by hands-on approach and learn-by-doing methods.
Secondary Level
This is the stage for the application of the mind, putting into practice what they have theoretically learned so far. It is again a stage of determination, perseverance, fixity of purpose and undivided aims. The student should be self-motivated to achieve goals. They should also be guided and goaded for making their dreams for future, come true. All the course of activities further will be decided by the actual performance at the secondary stage. A well-experienced faculty can determine the course of action for goal-oriented performance of students at this stage.
Senior Secondary Level
It is the stage of vision for the future.A student with the selection of subjects and streams decides the path of progress for the coming years.We here Offer all the three streams with ample of subject combination.The streams & the subject combination are:
  • Science: English Core, Physics, Chemistry, Biology / Hindi.Core / Maths /Computer Science / physical education.
  • Commerce: English Core, Accountancy, Business studies, Economics/Maths/Hindi Core/physical education/computer science.
  • Humanities: English Core,history,Political Science,Hindi Core/Geography/Economics /computer science/physical education.
Child-Teacher-Parent Link (CTPL)
To make the school functionally more effective, we have established a strong child-teacher-parent link and bond. We consider this link very important. For understanding the people involved in education every parent and teacher should keep the mutual communication channel open. Parent-Teacher meetings are held often for regular interaction.
Inter-Religious Understanding
We at IAPS strongly believe in the pluralistic aspect of our country. All main religious, regional and secular festivals are celebrated in the school to inculcate in our children the values of secularism and oneness. The celebration of such festivals showcases the “unity in diversity” feeling of our country. The whole campus is active and agog with activities on such occasions.